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Leonid Khochiev, About Camels and Sheep

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Terbish, Baasanjav 


Leonid talks about how people bred camels and sheep in the past: Herders did not look after camels, they grazed by themselves. Camels grazed away from a week to fifteen days. I never heard about camels being stolen. Camels are smart animals. One day I was driving around and stopped at a Chechen farm where they were about to slaughter a camel. The camel had tears in its eyes. I asked them not to kill it. When I was small, we had many sheep in our village. When our sheep mixed with other people’s sheep, we did not worry, because people did not steal sheep from each other. People in our village were all related to each other. Most of my relatives have left the village, although they come back to bow to the ancestral land.



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