Revolutionising Computing Infrastructure For Citizen Empowerment

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The world has dramatically changed over the last decade. Almost every aspect of our lives is being digitally monitored: from our social networks activity, through online shopping habits to healthcare and financial records. The emergence of Internet of things and the growing presence of cyber physical systems only increase citizens' exposure to digital monitoring by commercial enterprises. In order to maintain citizens' right for privacy while still encouraging an evolving digital economy, people should be given the right to choose where their data is stored and who holds it, a currently unattainable privilege. We propose that through the revolution of computing infrastructure, enabled by new computing architectures, a healthier competitive environment can thrive. In this environment, companies will compete for customers, offering privacy and information control as a service. Such competition, when supported by regulation, will empower citizens, allowing them to take back control of their data.

computing Infrastructure, data control, privacy, citizen empowerment
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Data for Policy 2017
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Leverhulme Trust (ECF-2016-289)
Isaac Newton Trust (1608(as))
We acknowledge the support from the Leverhulme Trust (ECF-2016-289) and the Isaac Newton Trust.