Can Input-Output Data Inform Agri-food Supply Network Reconfiguration? The Case of Water-Intensive Crop Production in Developing Economies

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Srai, jagjit 
Lutter, Franz Stephan 

Thispaperidentifiesopportunitiesto facilitate agri-food supply networkreconfiguration,usingpubliclyavailable input-output data platformstogenerateinsights into the water intensity of crop production. Making reference to the Indian economy, it is shown that intuitive analytics can berapidly developed to unravel complex patterns of production and consumption in global valuenetworks, and the pressure exerted on freshwater resourcesat specific locations. The potential use of the evidence thus obtained to supportalternativecrop policy scenarios and agri-food supply network configurationsis discussed, with an emphasis on the need to inform a possible transition away fromhighly specialized cropping patterns.

Input-Output Analysis, Embedded Virtual Water, Agri-food, Supply Networks, India
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3rdCambridge International Manufacturing Symposium
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Centre for International Manufacturing, Institute for Manufacturing, University of Cambridge
BBSRC Grant No. BB/P027970/1