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An exploration of how models of teacher development and reflectivity interact: a multiple case study of secondary PGCE biology and chemistry beginning-teachers



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This study explores two existing models of teacher development and learning: the teacher learning continuum of Wilson and Demetriou (2007) and the characteristics of reflective teachers of Korthagen and Wubbels (2010). I began this study through being intrigued at the different routes by which teachers could qualify in England, and the varied backgrounds of such beginning-teachers. In this multiple case study, six biology and chemistry PGCE beginning-teachers from the same cohort were selected. Data were collected through interviews, documentary analysis, and classroom observations. Data analyses were carried out via deductive coding (using coding schemes developed by Wilson and Demetriou (2007) and Korthagen and Wubbels (2010)). I investigated how the characteristics of reflective teachers (attributes of reflective teachers and correlates of reflectivity) exhibited by beginning-teachers coincided with their position on the learning continuum of Wilson and Demetriou (2007) during the different phases of the PGCE. The findings revealed that the two models can be interrelated, through the prior exhibition of antecedent correlates of reflectivity. The study is important in the current English climate of teacher recruitment and retention, as it has implications for helping teacher education providers in selecting beginning-teachers, the design of teacher education programmes, and more generally for teacher recruitment and retention.





Winterbottom, Mark


teacher education, teacher development, teacher learning, science teacher education, reflectivity, teacher reflectivity, reflective practice, secondary teacher education


Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)

Awarding Institution

University of Cambridge