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Recogito data for Linnaeus's Lapland Journey (1732)

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Isayev, Elena 
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The contain data generated by the recogito software ( in processing the text of Peter Graves' translation. of Linnaeus's Laplandfic Journey (Edinburgh Universioty Press, 1995). Recogito allows to tag place names with UUIDs and correlate these with geolocation data (taken from geonames). Locations can then be displayed on a map that links them with correspondiong sections of the text. Files include a .csv file correlating UUIDs, place names and geonames URI, a GeoJSON FeatureCollection with confirmed geo-located places in the document, and the annotated text in a basic TEI/XML serialization.


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recogito (


History of Science, Scientific travel, Carl Linnaeus


BA/Leverhulme Small Research Grant SRG1819\191186