Is data management just a footnote to reproducibility?

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Cardona, Alexia 
Markowitz, Florian 
Stoy, Lennart 
Schneider, René 

Materials relating to the third webinar of Cambridge Data Week 2020. Research Data Management (RDM) and reproducibility are both part of the open research ecosystem, yet the former is often viewed as another administrative burden by researchers and the latter is an important driver that has enjoyed increasing popularity since the term ‘reproducibility crisis’ was coined. This panel brings together perspectives from the worlds of policy making, research and libraries to explore the relationship between reproducibility and RDM, looking for ways to advocate effectively to reach positive outcomes in both areas.

We will answer questions including:

Should our attention be on advocating for reproducibility, with good data management seen as just one of the practices that enable reproducibility?

How do these ideas about reproducibility and data management apply in different disciplines, including the Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences?

What services or policies will help to link the two processes, ensuring that good data management practices have practical benefits for reproducibility?

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