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Narma Mergenova, About Tsagan Sar, Zul and Urs Sar

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Terbish, Baasanjav 


Narma says that in the past people began preparation for Tsagan Sar two weeks prior to the holiday. They slaughtered sheep, made biscuits and distilled milk vodka. The main variety of biscuits that people made was called khavtkha. Besides biscuits, people made bulmg for Zul celebrations. Bulmg is a dish made from flour, butter and sugar. The morning started with lighting a candle, and the people paid each other a visit. On the day of Zul people performed a ritual to ‘prolong their lives’ (nas avkh). For Urs Sar people also read prayers and lit candles. Some took vows and abstained from meat.



Tsagan Sar, Zul, Urs Sar

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