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Nadezhda Tarancheeva, Tsagan Sar and Zul

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Terbish, Baasanjav 


During Tsagan Sar people make 12 varieties of bortsg biscuits which symbolizes the 12-year cyclic calendar. These varieties include kit (horse intestines), evr (ram's horn), baasn (chicken’s droppings), bamb tsetsg (tulip), khulgn (mouse), jola (horse rein), belg (gift), khavtkha (flat surface), khorkha (insects), nokhan keln (dog's tongue), and ukrin togsh (cow’s horn). Khavtkha is tselvg is the same biscuit. Biscuits dedicated to gods (burkhna bortsg) are made separately. They should be made from water, salt and dough only, and should not contain such ingredients as sugar, vegetable oil, and milk. These biscuits are tough to chew. We, Iki-Derbet people, celebrate Zul as a family celebration. In the morning we light candles, make tea and put offerings on the altar. In the evening we light our birthday candles.



Tsagan Sar, Zul

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