Untitled [Unidentified scene close to Montevideo]

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A rocky shoreline.


Watercolour. The sky is blank, and the sun is shining from behind and slightly to the right of Martens' vantage point. In the left centre of the foreground, a rough hillock rises to the left, its pale brown becoming darker towards the base of the picture, where we encounter two white angular rocks on the slope, and a group of about 5 purplish-black rocks on its sharply descending top edge. In the right foreground calm purplish-grey water stretches in front of a patch of low rough sandy-coloured ground, behind which in the centre and right centre of the picture a low gently-contoured greyish-purple hill rises, with what may be a fort on top, resembling the hill in MS.Add.7983: 8v and 14. There are indications of `spiky' sand-dune or brushwood vegetation.

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