Yuriy Sangadzhiev, About a Secret Mantra

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Yuriy relays a story about a secret mantra. When the Dalai Lama XIV visited Kalmykia for the first time, a certain Kalmyk lama was asked to go and see the Dalai Lama. Although in the beginning the Kalmyk lama did not want to go, after a lot of persuasion he agreed. With a cigar in his mouth and clad in a shabby robe, the Kalmyk lama turned up before the Dalai Lama. Then he clapped his hands, turned around himself and started to read a mantra, stopping in the middle. In response, the Dalai Lama also clapped his hands and finished the mantra. In this way, the Kalmyk lama was convinced that the person who was standing in front of him was the real Dalai Lama. From old times a certain prediction circulated among the Oirats that there would be many fake Dalai Lamas in the future. In order to distinguish the real Dalai Lama from the fakes, chosen Kalmyk lamas were initiated into learning a part of a secret mantra, the other part of which was known only to the Dalai Lama himself.

Dalai Lama XIV, Kalmyk lama, legend, mantra, prediction
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