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Mr Wales, Mr Thomspon, Dr Grant, Dr Paton, Mr Watson, Dr Howie, Dr Macleish, Mrs Thomspon, Cecil, Miss Johnston, Miss Green, Mrs Howie (taken by Dr Howie, Aug. 1892)

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Group of missionaries photographed (presumably with a string attachment) by Dr Howie. The Rev. Alex McLeish served for twelve years as both minister and doctor at Amoy, until invalided in 1895 (Band 1948, p. 304, 329, 243). Jessie Johnston came to China in 1885 and was active in educational work until invalided in 1904. She died in 1907 and a new school was named after her in 1911 (Band 1948, p. 290-2 and 296). The Rev. Henry Thompson (seen with his wife and son Cecil) was in Amoy from 1877 to 1914 and travelled with Watson (Band 1948, p.240, 243, f225). Miss Green has not been identified.


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