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Research data supporting the study titled 'Large Scale Discovery of Microbial Fibrillar Adhesins and Identification of Novel Members of Adhesive Domain Families'.

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Monzon, Vivian 
Bateman, Alex 


This repository includes the potential Fibrillar Adhesin-like (FA-like) proteins in Firmicutes and Actinobacteria, which where predicted within this study using a Random Forest classification approach. Next to the UniProt protein identifier, the calculated feature properties are given. Additionally, this repository contains the pdb files of the N-terminal clusters in Firmicutes, which were found in the predicted FA-like proteins with minimal 4 known stalk domains and no known adhesive domain. The structures were predicted using AlphaFold2.


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The FA-like proteins were predicted with a Random Forest classification approach ( The structures were predicted using AlphaFold2 (


Adhesive domains, AlphaFold2, Fibrillar adhesins, Host-pathogen interaction, Protein domain families, RandomForest classification, Structure prediction methods