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Intellectual Property Strategy Trajectory: A New Visualisation Approach


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Tang, Aocheng 
Tietze, Frank 


Although data visualisation approaches have been extensively discussed in the literature, most visualisation tools are associated with quantitative data and lack the compound ability to collect data. The author’s PhD research needs a data collection tool that has the ability to present qualitative data on how and why companies change their intellectual property (IP) strategies and to allow visualisation of the companies’ IP strategy trajectories. Hence, in this paper, the authors created a bespoke set of tools, consisting of the IP strategy trajectory framework and the IP strategy trajectory map. With exercising this new approach with the data of a case study, the authors show that the framework offers a clear presentation of the path that a company takes with regards to its IP strategy openness, whereas the map help explain how and why a company change its IP strategy during three key transitions. The paper contributes theoretically by offering a definition for intellectual property strategy trajectory and contributes practically by creating a new visualisation approach which consists of the IP strategy trajectory framework and the IP strategy trajectory map.



intellectual property strategy change, intellectual property openness, intellectual property trajectory, data visualisation, roadmapping

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