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Adjustment Weights 1891-1911: Weights to adjust entrepreneur numbers for non-response and misallocation bias in Censuses 1891-1911


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This paper explains the use of weights to adjust the Censuses 1891-1911 for non-response and misallocation bias. The weights themselves are in a separate file available for download. The weights allow adjustment of observations to ‘correct’ values of when using data from I-CeM or the Entrepreneurs database at UKDA 1851-1911 developed from the ESRC project ES/M010953 Drivers of Entrepreneurship and Small Businesses. The paper provides detailed documentation of how the data base should be adjusted and the weighted data interpreted. More detailed discussion of the difficulties that arise in these three censuses is provided in the paper by Bennett et al. (2018) to which this working paper is linked.



Entrepreneurship, Employers, Self-employment, Small businesses, Census, non-response bias, misallocation bias

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ESRC (ES/M010953/1)
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