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Creating Cambridge Learner Profiles: A holistic framework for teacher insights from assessments and evaluations

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Suto, Irenka 


In this article we present an evidence-based framework of five interacting areas of teacher insight into educational success. This holistic framework comprises: (i) cognitive skills and capabilities, (ii) cross-curricular knowledge, skills and understanding, (iii) subject domain knowledge, (iv) teaching and learning environment, and (v) personal attributes. We argue that learner performance is highly integrated and researchers seek to understand it by disaggregating it. While this can be done in different ways, our framework is a useful organising instrument. Teachers can use it to combine numerical data from baseline and formative assessments with insights from observations, professional judgements, and discussions with learners, to structure actionable learner profiles and identify complementary teaching strategies.



Assessment design, Impact of assessment

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Research Matters

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Research Division, Cambridge University Press & Assessment

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