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Postgraduate information needs and online tools awareness


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Dingley, Esther 


The PINOTA Project aimed to explore the information needs of postgraduates and their awareness of online tools which can be used to assist with information search and management in an increasingly digital research age. The report focuses on the data collected through a survey of postgraduates at the University of Cambridge, which was delivered online and was completed by 19% of the current postgraduate population. This survey was followed by a series of four focus group sessions which provided a deeper insight into the information needs and existing strategies used by Cambridge postgraduates. A series of possible recommendations was further investigated in a second survey to the Cambridge postgraduate population, which was also delivered online. Based upon this research, a number of key findings are reported below along with some recommendations made for the future support of postgraduates in a digital environment.



post-graduate, online tools, early-career researchers

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