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South Sea Academy -- Revd J Simpson, J (Rev)

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A building depicted in detail, with farm animals, and vegetation.


Drawing. The sky is obscured by tree tops, which resemble the breadfruit trees of the previous picture. The background, especially visible in the centre and right, is formed of rocky tall hills, the main one stretching from the centre to the right of the picture, with indications of steep slopes covered with vegetation. The main feature of the picture, filling the centre left to the right of the midground, is a long single-storey pitched roof building, thatched in a pattern of rectangles. The wall is white with a narrow covered veranda along its whole length, and has a doorway with steps in front of it slightly to the left of the midpoint. There are seven rectangular windows to the left and nine to the right of the door; low bannisters fronting the veranda run from the top of the steps below the first four windows on each side. The windows appear to have either horizontally slatted shutters or bars across them. A pathway leads directly from the steps to the centre of the base of the picture, lined both sides with small shrubs. At the midpoint on the right-hand side of the path, a tree grows, slightly leaning to the right, with a couple of what look like pigs to its right. A less distinctly drawn tree rises to the right of the building at the right-hand edge of the picture, behind which there is an indistinct mix of vegetation, together with some fencing. The situation is similar to the left of the building, in front of which there is a loose grouping of some half dozen trees, the nearest leaning to the right. The whole of the foreground terrain is flat and even. A group of three poultry birds is indistinctly indicated in the shade of the nearest tree to the left-hand end of the building. The sun is shining from the left perpendicular to the line of sight.


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