Forging Identity: metal shaping people

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Allwood, Julian 
Green, Julius 
Tomic, Oggi 

What does knife-throwing, stunt-bikes and shopping trolleys have to do with engineering? Our world around us is full of metal objects, from the shopping trolley at the supermarket, to the delivery van, to the aircraft that transports goods and people around the globe. Things that we use every day without question have been developed through years of applying engineering science to the way we shape the metal used. The ICTP 2017 film takes you on an exciting journey of metal shaping history, with a bit of fun along the way. Keep watching to see the stunt bikes, the knife-throwing and maybe even some pole dancing! There is still much work to do to create better products and better ways of using them, and along the way inventing new ones. We are not done yet; and if you are interested in engineering, we hope this film will inspire you to take the next steps on your journey to becoming an engineer.

Engineering, Metal-forming, STEM, Education
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