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Interview with Andre Beteille

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Beteille, Andre 
Macfarlane, Alan 
Jacobs, Julian 


Andre Beteille speaks of his childhood and natural inclination to anthropology, his training, fieldwork in Dehli and the influence of his supervisor, M.N. Srinivas. His work on equality and inequality in human societies and publications on such, esp the caste system. He relflects on and analyses the work of Dumont, as well as Marxism, Hinduism and Islam. He cites those who have influenced him and his work, and closes with an overview of his current interests in Nationalism and tribal identities in India, as well as his lectures on backward classes.


Interviewed by Alan Macfarlane on 1st June 1986, filmed by Julian Jacobs and lasting 1 hour 20 minutes.


religion, caste, power, India

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