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Record-linkage of entrepreneurs in the England and Wales Censuses 1851-91 using BBCE and I-CeM


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WP 24 uses a simple and efficient computational method for inter-census record linkage based on Jaro-Winkler, with fuzzy name matching and data blocking including birthplace and other standardisation. Entrepreneurs and a general population sample are derived from the BBCE and I-CeM England and Wales census datasets 1851-91. Matches are achieved with high precision (>0.9) for 10-30% of records in the candidate match pool, with recall rates of between >0.16 and >0.32.



Record linkage, Jaro-Winkler, Entrepreneurship, Employers, Self-employment, Census

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University of Cambridge

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Leverhulme Trust (EM-2012-008/7)
ESRC (ES/M010953/1)
Isaac Newton Trust (17.07(d))
Isaac Newton Trust (18.40(g))