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Mingiyan Lidzhiev, about Tsagan Sar

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Terbish, Baasanjav 


Mingiyan talks about how his family celebrated Tsagan Sar in his childhood: For Tsagan Sar we made various bortsk varieties: togsh, tselveg, khorkha, khuts, jola, djide and others. The biscuits were tied together with a rope to form gift bundles. Before that, we slaughtered a sheep, cleaned the intestines, and made blood sausages. We cut the sheep’s carcass in the joints, as we were taught by our father. In grade 5 I could already slaughter a sheep myself. We celebrated Tsagan Sar in a circle of five or six close-knit families. My father was the eldest son in his family, so everyone came to our house. When my father uttered a well wish, one of the young boys had to stand at the door holding a bowl filled with cooked meat. Then the meat was distributed among the people according to their gender, age and kinship position. For example, the shoulder was given to old men, whereas younger men ate the ribs. During Tsagan Sar, my grandmother read prayers early in the morning. She also woke us up to pray with her.



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