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Viktoria Mukobenova, worship of the land

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Terbish, Baasanjav 


Viktoria talsk about the ritual of gazr tyaklgn (worship of land) in a place called Chapchacha: In 1991, when Buddhism began to revive, members of the Zyungar clan erected a stupa in a place called Chapchacha, where there stood a temple in the past. My maternal grandmother took part in the construction of the stupa. Every year, all Zyungar people gather in this place to perform the ritual of gazr tyaklgn (worship of land). In the spring, if it is dry, our elders also perform this ritual. I myself participated in a couple of such rituals. During such a ritual, people cook meat in a big pot, and read prayers while tossing butter and fat into the fire. I hear that we still perform this ritual in Chilgir. There people also perform us tyaklgn (worship of water sources).



Ritual, fire, land

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