Performance of Nau Bajan in the Courtyard of Uku Baha

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Riley-Smith, Tristram 

The Nau Bajan lasts eight days, and like the rest of the musical events Uku Baha is involved in, it occurs only once every ten years. This evening it began c 5.45, with 5 dhaa players and two gushyas playing chores; later joined by a Jogi (who came into the sunken part of the courtyard) and the nyekhu players who were in the northern digi. Music was in the courtyard to the n-w of the shrine, beyond the statue of Rana.


Cross refer to Riley-Smith field notes Volume VI: Patan 1980 - Musical instruments used in the performance: 1. The dhaa 2 Dhimeh 3. Nakin wooden drum4. Muyakin 5: Pachima 6. Dhaamwake 7. Doluk 8. Dwor 9. Nagarra: 10 Bhiha baja 11 Kashi baja 12 Pwonkija 13 Lotu-photu 14 Dumeroo 15 Kondulli 16 Jakari 17 Nyekhu 18 Jalli 19 Gushya 20 Mwalli

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