The value of Information Management in the construction and infrastructure sector

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Advances in digital technologies and data are transforming the functioning of our economy and the way we live our lives. The built environment is becoming smarter, with the rise of intelligent infrastructure –enabled by the use of techniques such as machine learning and artificial intelligence –driving efficiencies, accelerating the transition to net zero and optimising the performance of the nation’s built assets.

Access to information (as data) of the right quality and at the right time, in a format that is trusted by all parties, is increasingly recognised as a critical enabler of the construction sector’s digital transformation, with the potential to both drive down costs in the construction and operation of built assets and drive up quality. However, there remains limited evidence on the holistic benefits of these practices.

This study has set out to investigate these questions and establish the value of ‘Information Management’ (IM) in the construction and infrastructure sector.

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