New South Wales Contingent for South Africa, 1899

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A loose black and white print showing embarked troops waving to crowds on the dockside. A handwritten note on the back of the print states: 'Departure of 'A' Battery, RAA, S.S. 'Warregal' (for Boer War) left Port Jackson 30 Dec 1899'. The outbreak of the war on 11th October 1899 produced enthusiastic volunteering throughout the Australian Colonies. A meeting in Melbourne in September 1899, had determined upon sending a joint contingent to number 2500 men in the event of war. Over half this number did eventually see service in South Africa, and what had been originally regarded in the War Office as a touching token of loyalty from the Colonies, was transformed into outright admiration of the Australian troops. Lord Roberts later stated: 'All the Colonials did extremely well. They were very intelligent, and they had, what I want our men to have, more individuality'.

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