Authenticity and cultural heritage in the age of 3D digital reproductions

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Di Giuseppantonio Di Franco, Paola 
Galeazzi, Fabrizio 
Vassallo, Valentina 

This volume represents the first attempt to collate an organic collection of contributions on authenticity and the digital realm in heritage and archaeology. It analyses the concept of authenticity from different perspectives and with different multidisciplinary contributions, together with theoretical debate. The collection of papers explores the concept of authenticity in a comprehensive way, engaging with theories relating to the commodification of ancient material culture, heritage-making processes, scholarly views and community engagement. These papers also take into account current digital practices for the study of past material culture and how their use affects and redefines interpretation processes in archaeology. This will provide a key reference text for archaeologists, museum and heritage specialists, and other readers interested in authenticity, cultural heritage and 3D reproductions.

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This book was funded by the EU 7th Framework Programme (7FP), DIGIFACT 625637 Project ( en.html) and ADS3DV 625636 Project ( rcn/187952_en.html). The book will be Open Access, thanks to FP7 post-grant Open Access (