Research data supporting Opinion of Intensive Care Professionals on Glycaemic Control

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Fernandez-Mendez, R 
Harvey, DJR 
Windle, R 
Adams, GG 

This dataset includes a csv file with raw data and a xls file with the data key, for the Research project "Opinion of Intensive Care Professionals on Glycaemic Control". This was a sub-study of a larger study known as GlyCon. The sub-study was a short online survey to nurses and physicians working in seven intensive care units of the Mid Trent Critical Care Network (UK), between 1st December 2014 and 31st March 2015. The anonymised dataset is being released in full to allow re-use by others. Full details on the methodology and analysis of the results are available from

Software / Usage instructions
This data can be opened using Microsoft Excel, or any text editor
glycaemic control, intensive care, survey, professionals