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Oleg Kalykov, about Marl bagshi

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Terbish, Baasanjav 


Oleg talks about Maral bagshi: Maral bagshi, whose monastic name was Zhetn gelyung, served in the Baga-Chonos temple. He studied at the Cherya Khurul in Kalmykia. Since he died in 1974, people keep candles in his house burning. There is a plan to convert his house into a prayer house. Maral bagshi had two statues in his possession, including a Buddha Shakyamuni and a Green Tara. These two statues are very old. After his death, they were kept by a woman who was Maral bagshi’s neighbor. After it was rebuilt, she gave the statues to the Baga-Chonos temple.



Maral bagshi, lama

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