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Research data supporting "Weakly nonlinear Holmboe waves"

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Cudby, Joshua 


This dataset contains:

  • weakly nonlinear all the MATLAB .m code files used to produce the results of the paper. This folder is organised in multiple folders and subfolders. It also contains a short screencast video showing how to run some tricky parts of the code. The Output subfolder contains the raw .mat data to reproduce figures 3,4,6,7,8,9 of the paper.

  • weakly nonlinear code README.pdf: all details about how to run the above code, its folder structure, details about inputs/outputs of individual subroutines, with flow charts to explain how to run successive parts of the code to produce useful outputs.

  • final plotting the MATLAB .m code files used to plot figures 3,4,6,7,8,9, using the output data in the above folder. Further minor (manual) editing was required, but these codes make it at least clear how to access the non-trivial output data structures to plot useful results. The weakly nonlinear code folder contains multiple 'basic' plotting subroutines to plot raw results to guide research, but these were not used directly for the plots in the paper (except for figure 5, which is quite basic).

These codes are sufficient to reproduce all results in the paper, and are suitable to serve as a basis for future work on weakly nonlinear Holmboe waves, as outlined in the conclusion of the paper.


Software / Usage instructions

See dedicated file: weakly nonlinear code README.pdf


Holmboe waves, weakly nonlinear


Isaac Newton Trust (19.08(t))
Leverhulme Trust (ECF-2019-221)
Cambridge Mathematics Placement (CMP) Leverhulme Trust Isaac Newton Trust