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A scantily indicated shoreline landscape, with vegetation.


Drawing. The sky is blank. Forming the horizon in the centre left of the picture, a distant jagged hill [hill 1] rises, with abrupt near-vertical sides. There is a lower small conical hill to its right, in front of which across the whole picture stretches another line of elevated land closer to the viewer, and lower than hill 1 to its left. The ridge-line of this arcs below hill 1, rising again to its right to join with an abrupt near vertical rockface which rises in the centre right of the picture. This formation reaches a jagged but in general level surface towards the right-hand edge of the picture, at the same visual height as hill 1. There is very little indication of other structure or of vegetation in any of these hilly features. In the midground from the centre to the right, the lower slopes bear indications of structure and vegetated surfaces. There is one small abrupt outcrop near the right-hand edge of the picture. In the nearer midground the centre of the picture is occupied by mixed woodland of palms and leafy trees, which form the backdrop to a vaguely indicated shoreline, annotated: "beach", which continues to the right-hand edge of the picture, where the shrubs and trees on the foreshore are indicated in silhouette only. The left foreground is blank.


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