Research data supporting "Twenty-one years of heave monitoring in London Clay at Horseferry Road Basement".

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Chan, DYK 
Madabhushi, SPG 
Solera, Sergio A 
Chapman, Tim 
Nicholson, Duncan P 

This dataset provides details on the heave monitoring data, the site investigation data, and the calculations presented in the paper "Twenty-one years of heave monitoring in London Clay at Horseferry Road Basement".

The dataset contains 13 files described as follows: "A1 - Site investigation cross-sections" contain cross-section drawings of the Horseferry Road Basement as of 1989 and form the basis of Fig. 2 of the paper. "A2 - Graphs of soil test results" present the results of laboratory tests of soil samples from Horseferry Road site in 1989. "A3 - Undrained shear strength data and calculations" combine undrained shear strength data from the 1962 and 1989 site investigations; the XLSX version of this file also includes the calculations producing Fig. 5 and Table 2 of the paper. "A4 - Piezometric profile with interpreted trendline" gives groundwater level data from the 1989 site investigation (Fig. 4 of paper). "A5 - Standard penetration test data and calculations" gives soil strength results from the 1989 site investigation. "B - Heave monitoring data 1967-89 and calculations" provides all survey data of settlement and heave of the Horseferry Road Basement during the 21 years of monitoring. The XLSX version includes calculations of theoretical best-fit and coefficients of consolidation, as presented in Fig. 6. "C - VDISP back-analysis of heave monitoring data at Horseferry Road, 1993" presents the calculations of drained stiffness and strength profile from an analysis produced in 1993 for use in the reconstruction of the site, as discussed in the "Analysis of heave" section of the paper; the computational results date from 1993 and the abridged summary was written by the editor of the dataset. "D - Site investigation factual report, 1989" contains borehole logs from the 1989 site investigation.

The original data and scans are provided by the courtesy of Arup Geotechnics and Laing O'Rourke who kindly agreed to make this set of data publicly available for the benefit of industry and society.

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PDF files are scans of site cross-sections and graphs made available by the courtesy of Arup Geotechnics; PDF of 1989 site investigation factual report is made available by the courtesy of Laing O'Rourke. XLSX files are produced by the authors using Microsoft Excel 2016.
heave, London Clay, Horseferry Road, long-term heave, basement heave, clay permeability, deep basement, deep excavation
EPSRC (1650789)
EPSRC Centre for Doctoral Training in Future Infrastructure and Built Environment at Cambridge University (EPSRC grant reference number EP/L016095/1)