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Would China provide a new model for developing world?



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China experienced a successful development in an era when the western world is in apparent declining. Has China's rise made its approach to the development of a new model for the emerging world? China model in modern concept is normally recognised as an alternative to mainstream western model of development. However, in 1970s, many scholars attempted to examine China model as an alternative to Soviet model. China model described by different scholars in different historical period has different meaning and it seems challenging to find a universal definition of China model. This paper will show the challenges faced by ‘Democratic-Capitalist Model’, and examine the terminology ‘China model of development’ through summarising and analysing the major success elements of China model from comparative perspective including findings from other scholars. Afterwards, this paper shows all the success elements of China model is based on the fundation of ‘Party-Led State’. The ‘Party-Led State’ might be able to provide stability during modernisation, capable to push the economy to develop and reform, and also able to integrate different ideas and interests through consultative democracy. In addition, it will further discuss the existence and feasibility of China Model and its preconditions for emerging world to adopt. At last, it will point out that China model is a continuous progressing model rather than static prescription like ‘Washington Consensus’.


China model of development, China’s rise, ‘Party-Led State’

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Cambridge Journal of China Studies

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