Sanal Lidzhiev, Sayings

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Terbish, Baasanjav 
Churyumova, Elvira 

Sanal recounts 6 Kalmyk sayings. (1) ‘A word can be overcome with another word/ A cow can be slaughtered with an axe’. This saying teaches people about the importance of choosing words correctly. (2) ‘(If you need to talk, then) talk to wise people/ (If you need to hunt, then) hunt the saigak antelopes with a good shooter’. (3) ‘A person has an older brother (whom he/she should obey)/ (In the same way) any coat has collar (which sits higher). (4) ‘Looking down from the top of a mountain – is a pleasure for eyes/ Listening to a learned person – is a pleasure for soul’. (5) ‘A young boy who has travelled the world (and learnt many things) is better than an old man who lies on his bed (learning nothing new)’. (6) ‘A person who has (many) relatives lives happily /A tree which has a wide crown grows well’.

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