Papeiti Harbour

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An island land/seascape, with vegetation, boats, seabirds and a human figure.


[tick, top centre]; "Distant view of Moorea from Tahiti" [top right]

Drawing. The sky is mainly blank, though there are indications of cumulus and/or nimbus clouds close to the horizon. The horizon shows the line of the jagged hills of Tahiti, faintly sketched but indicating slopes at 45--60. These formations occupy the left to the centre right of the picture, disappearing behind a darkly pencilled small verdant island on which many tall palms protrude from lower mixed vegetation. To its right the horizon consists of open sea to the right-hand edge of the picture. By the left-hand edge of the island a boat is shown, probably single-masted, head-on to the viewer. In the centre left in calm but not smooth seawater, a substantial sailing boat with three main masts and a horizontal prow mast is depicted in some detail with rigging but not showing sails. It faces right and is seen side-on; seven portholes are discernible, and possibly a small dinghy alongside below the central mast, and another behind the stern. In the centre foreground in choppier water, a canoe heads rightwards, laden with cargo, and being punted by a gondolier-like figure standing in the stern. There are two seabirds flying to its right.

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