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The Island Warrior: Coconut Fibre Armour from Kiribati

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Clark, Alison 
Howie, Rachel 
Leckie, Lizzy 
Watson, Kaetaeta 
Charteris, Chris 


Exhibition brochure on coconut fibre armours from Kiribati, drawing on MAA's historic Kiribati collections and newly commissioned material.


This brochure accompanies a small exhibition focusing on the extraordinary suits of armour made in the small islands of Kiribati, in the Pacific Ocean, throughout the 19th century. By looking closely at the armour we will discover how these complex objects were made, worn and used. Other objects on display will explore the contemporary relevance of this armour to I-Kiribati people today. The display will also include a new suit of armour made especially for the Museum by artists Kaetaeta Watson, Lizzy Leckie and Chris Charteris. This new suit of armour is the first Kiribati armour to be made in 45 years.


Humanities, Exhibition, Museum, Oceania, Pacific, Micronesia, Kiribati, Armour, Weapon, Weaving, Conservation

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Pacific Presences, School of the Humanities and Social Sciences, Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology, University of Cambridge

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