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Diversity and Inclusion in Existential Risk Studies

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Levy, Suzy 


This report presents the findings of an independent study into Diversity and Inclusion in the emerging transdisciplinary field sometimes known as Existential Risk Studies. Research for this study was carried out by SJ Beard, a researcher at the Centre for the Study of Existential Risk (CSER), and Suzy Levy, a diversity and inclusion consultant, using a survey and series of in-depth interviews with people who identified with the field; including researchers and operational staff working at CSER, a range of other existential risk research organizations, and related advocacy, support, and funding bodies. The study identified many diverse experiences of marginalization and exclusion in the field and found that these can have subtle and complex impacts upon it. On the other hand, few people within the research community feel confident about dealing with issues around diversity and inclusion and the field is struggling to deal with high profile unfolding events. However, the study also found many opportunities for building a better field and makes recommendations about representation, research construction, funding and leadership, respectful dialogue, and research culture.



Diversity, Existential Risk, Global Catastrophic Risk, Inclusion

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