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Imaging glioblastoma response to radiotherapy using ²H magnetic resonance spectroscopy measurements of fumarate metabolism_raw data

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Hesse, Friederike 
Wright, Alan 
Brindle, Kevin 


  1. Main and supplementary raw data. Zip folder with 9 Excel files containing the raw measurements of main RAW_Figure_1 (1C,1D,1E,1F,1G,1H,1I,1J,1K,1L,1M - NMR spectra were phased, baseline corrected and peak integrals calculated using Topspin), RAW_Figure_2 (2A,2C,2E,2F,2H,2J,2K,2M,2O - Spectra were zero- and first-order phase corrected, and the peaks fitted with the AMARES toolbox), RAW_Figure_4 (4G,4H,4N,4O,4W,4FX - Images were analyzed using a CytoNuclear v1.6 algorithm on HALO v3.0.311.293. Shown are percentage of positive cells), RAW_Figure_5 (5B,5D,5F - ¹³C-malate/¹³C-fumarate ratios are shown from ¹³C spectra. Areas under the peaks were calculated by fitting of the resonances after spatial Fourier transformation), RAW_Figure_6 (6B,6C,6E,6F,6H,6I - Signals from the image series were converted, on a pixel-by-pixel basis, to a contrast-agent concentration by assuming an R1 relaxivity of the contrast agent of 2.7 s‾¹mM‾¹. Shown are contrast agent concentration at the indicated times and the area under the uptake curve (AUC)), RAW_Figure_7 (7C,7G,7K - shown are the mean ADC measured along the slice-selective direction as well as histograms of ADC values.) and RAW_Supplementary_figure_5 (5A,5B - Fumarase activity was determined using a colorimetric kit and measurements were made using a PHERAstar FS microplate reader. Shown here is the fumarase activity (units / g protein in cells and tumor extracts)), RAW_Supplementary_figure_6 (6A,6B,6C - tumor volumes calculated from T₂-weighted ¹H images. The total volume of the tumor was calculated by multiplying the sum of the voxels by 1 x (40/256)² = mm³), RAW_Supplementary_figure_7 (7A,7B,7C - Kaplan-Meier survival curves for tumor-bearing mice that were untreated or treated with chemo-radiotherapy. P values were determined using the log-rank test).
  2. Raw MRI data. Zip folder containing the raw DICOM data for the in vivo ²H-fumarate and ¹³C hyperpolarized fumarate - MRI experiments.


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Excel, MATLAB, Topspin


raw data, deuterium metabolic imaging, imaging, biomarker, glioblastoma, early detection, MRI


Cancer Research UK C197/ A17242, C197/A16465, C9685/A25177 Cambridge Trust European Scholarship