Mongghul Duraasi Dau

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Ha, Mingzong 

Researchers Ha Mingzong (Sangji Zhaxi) and Ha Mingzhu (Taimei) interviewed Mongghul Ha Clan elders about clan history and digitally documented (video taped; audio-recorded) the interviews.


Two Mongghul drinking songs were recorded. The first song is sung in Tibetan, while the second is in local Chinese. Most Mongghul songs are in Mongghul, however, a few are in the local Tibetan and Chinese languages. Song one: This Mongghul song sung in Tibetan shows close historical contact between the Mongghul and Tibetan. Today, as Chinese pop music permeates the daily lives of Mongghul people and as the mass media diverts attention from folksongs, young Mongghul show little interest in learning such songs. They are on the verge of extinction. Song two: Recorded by Ha Mingzong September 2009, in Jiayi Valley, Dakeshidan Village, Tianzhu, Gansu, China. This song is sung in the local Chinese dialect.

Oral Literature, Oral Tradition, Linguistic Anthropology, China, Mongghul, Chinese, Tu/Monguor, Interview
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