Digital Object Identifiers (DOIs) are persistent links to digital objects. The University of Cambridge holds a licence to assign DOIs to selected scholarly research outputs ("Research Outputs") deposited into the University of Cambridge research repository "Apollo" ("Repository"). All DOIs assigned by the University of Cambridge need to be registered, and be compliant with the requirements of the DataCite organisation.

What types of Research Outputs can get a DOI?

The University of Cambridge will assign DOIs with the Cambridge prefix (CAM) to selected Research Outputs, including datasets, thesis and working papers. For Research Outputs which already have DOIs, we will still assign a Cambridge DOI to the record, but it will not be publicly displayed; in this circumstance only the item's original DOI will be visible in the repository.

Modifications to Research Outputs

Modifications to Research Outputs once a DOI has been assigned are normally not accepted and any modifications to the Research Output will result in a new version of record with a new DOI.

The only exception when modifications to Research Outputs are permitted is when datasets are modified before the repository record has been approved, i.e. when it is still a placeholder record. For research theses, modifications to the record will only be accepted until the final version of the thesis is accepted.

Take down policy

Content held in the Repository is intended for long-term preservation. However, in some case items may be withdrawn. Reasons for withdrawal might include:

  • Proven copyright violation or plagiarism
  • Legal requirements
  • National security
  • Falsified research

Withdrawn items will retain the DOI, and the withdrawal notice will be indicated on the landing page of the Research record in the Repository, but the Research Output itself will not be accessible. More information related to the takedown policyis available from the related policies link.

We reserve the right to act with discretion in cases not covered by this policy, or where circumstances require additional flexibility.

Revision history
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Date of last policy review:June 2020
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