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    Aldborough Roman Town Project 2022 Interim Report
    (2023-02-08) Millett, Martin; Ferraby, Rose; Millett, Martin [0000-0003-4073-3260]
    Excavation was carried out between the 27th August –24th September 2022 as part of the Aldborough Roman Town Project (University of Cambridge) close to the North Gate of Isurium Brigantum. A trench covering an area of 166m² was excavated, continuing done in 2019 and 2021 that had revealed part of the Roman street (EW1), late and post-Roman buildings and a blacksmith’s workshop. The aim of the work was to characterise the development of the town, in particular finding evidence for early and late activity, as well as how this area of the town was used in relation to buildings on the geophysics and the warehouse excavated in 2018.
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    Aldborough Roman Town Layered Plan with site gazetteer
    Ferraby, Rose; Millett, Martin; Ferraby, Rose [0000-0002-2490-8713]; Millett, Martin [0000-0003-4073-3260]
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    Research data supporting the publication of "Archaeological field-survey in the environs of Aldborough (Isurium Brigantum)"
    Millett, MJ; Dobinson, Colin; Ferraby, Rose; Wallace, Lacey; Lucas, Jason; Millett, Martin [0000-0003-4073-3260]; Ferraby, Rose [0000-0002-2490-8713]