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This collection holds a selection of electronic documents produced during the course of the DSpace@Cambridge project. These include whitepapers and presentations from conferences and local case study write-ups.


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    DSpace@Cambridge support pages 2007-2013
    (2013) DSpace@Cambridge Team
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    DSpace@Cambridge Implementation Project website
    (Cambridge University Library, 2003) Morgan, Peter; Massiou, Anna
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    Self-archiving and DSpace@Cambridge
    (2007-11-12) Stangeland, Elin
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    DSpace Update
    (2006-10-19T11:20:58Z) Downing, Jim
    The presentation covers some key facts about the state of the DSpace software and community in October 2006. On the software side 1.4 has been release, 1.4.1 is coming soon and some potential features of 1.5 are described. The development community is large and growing, having adopted an Apache project model. Some centralized organization is required; the status of the governance development process is described.
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    Chemistry in DSpace
    (2006-04-20T10:22:31Z) Downing, Jim
    This presentation is an overview of the SPECTRa project that was delivered at the DSpace User Group meeting in Bergen in April 2006. The need for Open Data is described, as is the particular problems that exist for Open Data in Chemistry. The structure of the SPECTRa project is explained, and more detail is given on the projects first area of work; crystallography.
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    DSpace@Cambridge: implementing long-term digital preservation
    (2005-10-04T12:09:18Z) De Mulder, Tom
    DSpace@Cambridge is an institutional archive set up to deal with the long-term preservation of information in a wide range of formats over an indefinite period of time. In this paper we look at some long-term digital preservation strategies, as they are currently implemented in our archive. We describe the value of documentation of file format specifications for future data accessibility. We examine the impact and usefulness of constant concurrent data migration to several different formats. We illustrate our approach with case studies of applying these principles to chemical and archeological scientific data.
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    A workflow for digitalization projects
    (2005-06-21T08:11:12Z) De Mulder, Tom
    More and more institutions want to convert their traditional content to digital formats. In such pro jects the digitalization and metadata stages often happen asynchronously. This paper identifies the importance of frequent cross-verification of both. We suggest a workflow to formalise this process, and a possible technical implementation to automate this workflow.
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