Astrology, Liturgy and Practice

This collection hosts videos about astrology, predictions, liturgy, prayers, sacred texts, rituals, and daily practices carried out by clergy and the laity alike.

Due to its geographical isolation and remoteness from other Buddhist centres such as Tibet and Mongolia, Buddhism in Kalmykia has developed rituals that are either less prominent or unknown among other Mongolian groups. The cult of Tsagan Aav (White Old Man) is one of them. Elevated to the status of a national god, Tsagan Aav in Kalmykia is a powerful deity that both protects Kalmyk clans and individuals. Not only can his image be seen on domestic altars next to the Buddha Shakyamuni, but his name is mentioned in almost all prayers that Kalmyks recite during clan rituals and national celebrations such as Zul, Tsagan Sar and Ur(s) Sar. Among sacred days of each month, when people observe fasting (matsg), the day of honouring Tsagan Aav holds a special place. Apart from rituals, Kalmyks have also developed a unique astrological system of calculating Buddhist celebrations and astrological signs called meng which are based on Tibetan Buddhist astrology.


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