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    "Quantumness" versus "classicality" of quantum states and quantum protocols
    (World Scientific Publishing Company, 2018-03-07) Brodutch, A; Groisman, B; Kenigsberg, D; Mor, T; Groisman, Berry [0000-0001-8978-1963]
    Entanglement is one of the pillars of quantum mechanics and quantum information processing, and as a result, the quantumness of nonentangled states has typically been overlooked and unrecognized until the last decade. We give a robust definition for the classicality versus quantumness of a single multipartite quantum state, a set of states, and a protocol using quantum states. We show a variety of nonentangled (separable) states that exhibit interesting quantum properties, and we explore the "zoo" of separable states; several interesting subclasses are defined based on the diagonalizing bases of the states, and their nonclassical behavior is investigated.