Polymer Fluids Group

The Polymer Fluids Group, led by Professor Malcolm Mackley, conducts research on the flow behaviour of materials. The key research areas of the group include:

  • The rheological behaviour and processing of polymers, including flow instabilities, crystallisation and two-phase flow.
  • The processing of novel filled polymer systems, such as the rheological behaviour of carbon nano tubes in polymer matrices.
  • The development of the MultiPass Rheometer, a unique twin barrelled piston rheometer developed by Professor Mackley.
  • The rheology of chocolate and its processing by cold extrusion.
  • The development of oscillatory flow mixing for chemical reactions. In particular its use to prepare biofuels.
  • Innovative polymer processing techniques, including foaming and the development of microcapillary films.

The group has generated a wide range of scientific images and video sequences, which can be accessed from here.


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