Spong Hill

Spong Hill, with over 2,500 cremation burials, remains the largest early Anglo-Saxon cremation cemetery to have been excavated in Britain. The published volume, C. Hills & S. Lucy (2013) Spong Hill, Part IX: Chronology and Synthesis, published in the McDonald Institute for Archaeology Monograph series, presents the long-awaited chronology and synthesis of the site. It gives a detailed overview of the artefactual evidence, which includes many decorated pots, the remains of dress fasteners, jewellery, weapons and containers, as well as over 1200 objects of bone antler and ivory. Using this information, together with programmes of correspondence analysis of the cremation urns and the grave-goods, a revised phasing and chronology of the site is offered, which argues that it is largely fifth-century in date. The implications of this revised dating for interpretations of the early medieval period in Britain and further afield are explored in full.

This electronic resource makes available the data on which the analyses were conducted, along with the initial and final iterations of the correspondence analyses, so that further research on this body of material can be conducted.


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