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The Digital Himalaya project was conceived of by Professor Alan Macfarlane and Dr Mark Turin as a strategy for archiving and making available varied historical materials from the Himalayan region. Established at the Department of Social Anthropology at Cambridge University in December 2000, from 2002 to 2005, the project moved to the Department of Anthropology at Cornell University. Digital Himalaya returned to Cambridge in 2006.

Five major anthropological collections were selected for digitisation in the first phase of the project to reflect a range of different media and a wide coverage of geographical areas and ethnic populations from across the Himalayas. Alongside these visual and audio collections, we have digitised an extensive set of back issues of Himalayan journals, rare manuscripts and books, and numerous maps. Other collections include layered GIS maps of Nepal's 75 districts, an interactive online version of the 2001 Census of Nepal, contemporary documentary films and audio collections from the region.


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