Thwing Survey and Excavation (2004-2009) Archive

The items deposited in this archive relate to the excavation and survey at Thwing, East Yorkshire undertaken between 2004 and 2009 as well as the post-fieldwork analysis of materials and data.

The archive is not a complete compilation of all images, data, and reports produced for the project, but, rather, is meant to be used in conjunction with the publication Ferraby, R., Johnson, P., Millett, M., and Wallace, L. 2017. Thwing, Rudston and the Roman-Period Exploitation of the Yorkshire Wolds. Leeds: The Yorkshire Archaeological and Historical Society.

The titles and descriptions of each item, along with an indication of whether or not they have been 'superseded', should make clear their relationship to the published volume. Any reference to the publication in these titles and descriptions refers to the 2017 book. (NB: data from Chapter 9 on Rudston is not included in this archive.) The text and results of the 2017 book are the final results and any errors or iterations of analysis and interpretation present in archived documents had been resolved for the publication. Where any errors or differences between the archived data and the published data remain, it should be assumed that the published version/data is the correct version/data.


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