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  • Wide range of research programmes linked to experimental and instrumental programmes at the cutting edge of astronomical technology
  • Research centred on the development of understanding of quantum aspects of condensed matter, from atomic Bose-Einstein condensates to semiconductor quantum dots
  • Research areas include biophysics, biomaterials, nanoscience and Physics of Medicine, using techniques and inspirations from classical polymer physics, soft matter physics and the study of condensed matter
  • A major facility for designing, manufacturing and testing a new generation of superconducting detectors for astrophysics and the applied sciences
  • Work based upon experiments at high energy particle accelerators, with group members making up part of international collaborations
  • Involved in a wide range of projects in the general area of machine learning and information theory
  • New materials are constructed in which atoms are arranged in sophisticated ways on the nanometre-scale; these meta-materials often display properties that are not observed in the constituents they are made from
  • Fundamental physics studies in different aspects of organic semiconductor materials, aiming to understand the physics at the detailed quantum mechanical level
  • Studies matter under extreme conditions, i.e. at very low temperatures, high magnetic fields and high pressure, using advanced experimental techniques

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