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  • The use of electrochemical sensors for monitoring urban air quality in low-cost, high-density networks. 

    Mead, Iq; Popoola, Olalekan; Stewart, GB; Landshoff, Peter; Calleja, M; Hayes, M; Baldovi, JJ et al. (Elsevier, 2013-05)
    Measurements at appropriate spatial and temporal scales are essential for understanding and monitoring spatially heterogeneous environments with complex and highly variable emission sources, such as in urban areas. However, ...
  • The National Transport Data Framework 

    Landshoff, Peter Vincent; Polak, John (2008-08-18)
    The NTDF is designed to be a resource for data owners to deposit descriptions into a central catalogue, so that people can search for data and find data and understand their characteristics. The value of this is to ...
  • Reliable ligh-speed Grid data delivery using IP multicast 

    Jeacle, Karl; Crowcroft, Jon (2008-06-26)
    In recent years, much work has been done on attempting to scale multicast data transmissions to hundreds or thousands of receivers. In today's Grid environments, however, a typical application might involve bulk data ...
  • A semantic Grid for molecular science 

    Murray-Rust, Peter; Glen, Robert C; Rzepa, Henry S; Stewart, James J P; Townsend, Joseph A; Willighagen, Egon L; Yong, Zhang (2008-06-26)
    The properties of molecules have very well defined semantics and allow the creation of a semantic GRID. Markup languages (CML - Chemical Markup Language) and dictionary-based ontologies have been designed to support a wide ...

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