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  • Parmenides on language and reality 

    McClelland, Richard Terence (Faculty of Classics, University of Cambridge, 1984-10-23)
  • Latin $\textit{bardus}$ and $\textit{gurdus}$ 

    Zair, NAS
    The origin of the Latin words $\textit{bardus}$ ‘stupid’ and $\textit{gurdus}$ ‘stupid’ is examined. It is shown that $\textit{bardus}$ cannot be borrowed from Etruscan, as previously claimed. It is probably a borrowing ...
  • Los acueductos en Hispania: construcción y abandono 

    Sánchez López, E; Martínez Jiménez, J (Fundación Juanelo Turriano, 2016-05-26)
    This book provides a detailed and updated study of the aqueducts of Hispania. Divided into two large parts, the first one exposes the origin, use, construction and abandonment of these amazing infrastructures. The second ...
  • Plato Laws 3.680b-c: Antisthenes, the Cyclopes and Homeric exegesis 

    Prauscello, L
    In Laws 3, 680b-c the Athenian Stranger's positive evaluation of the Cyclopean 'way of life' (Od. 9.112-15) is deeply indebted to Antisthenes' interpretatio Homerica of the Cyclopes as 'just' insofar they do not have the ...

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