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  • Greek in Early Hellenistic Magna Graecia: Dialect Contact and Change in South Italy 

    Tagliapietra, Livia (2018-07-20)
    This doctoral thesis investigates dialect contact, identity and change in the ancient Greek colonies of Magna Graecia in the fourth and third centuries BC, as evidenced in the surviving epigraphic sources. South Italy is ...
  • Women in Early Pythagoreanism 

    Pellò, Caterina (2018-07-21)
    The sixth-century-BCE Pythagorean communities included both male and female members. This thesis focuses on the Pythagorean women and aims to explore what reasons lie behind the prominence of women in Pythagoreanism and ...
  • Palaeography, administration, and scribal training: a case-study 

    Judson, AP (CNR-Istituto di studi sul Mediterraneo Antico, 2018)
    More than 60 years after Michael Ventris’ decipherment of Linear B, 14 of its syllabic signs remain ‘undeciphered’:1 despite many proposals to assign sound-values to these signs,2 none has yet been officially accepted. ...
  • Archaeological Field Survey in the Environs of Aldborough (Isurium Brigantum) 

    Dobinson, C; Ferraby, R; Lucas, J; Millett, Martin John; Wallace, L (2018-05-18)
    During the period from 1989‒97 an extensive field-walking survey was undertaken in the vicinity of the Roman town at Aldborough, North Yorks (Fig.1). Sponsored by the YAS's Roman Antiquities Section (henceforth RAS), the ...

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